Check the Tire Pressure

October 23, 2018

To get the best performance from your installed tires keep them properly inflated which not only increases your gas mileage on your trucks but prolongs tire life. Optimal tire pressure rating varies from every truck and tire. Only a small variance from this optimal level is acceptable without a negative impact on the performance of the truck. It is not recommended to over inflate the tire which will result in harsh ride and the tire will be more prone to puncture from road hazards. If the tire is under inflated, it will begin to wear irregularly and will run hotter and can fail prematurely.

It has been noticed that tire pressure can change for a number of reasons. Leaks may be an obvious reason, the temperature can also affect the pressure in the tires. That is why it is recommended to check the pressure regularly.

Newer tires may have tire pressure monitoring systems. Otherwise, make a habit of checking tire pressure every day to avoid the problems of improper pressure.

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